Early Southern Furniture & Accessories

 Close-up of the wonderful urn tins in this safe.
 Great estate find this past week. Early handmade cherry pie safe with 12 wonderfully punched "urn" tins. This is our love and what we continuously look for.
 Fresh from a local estate. Tall walnut handmade desk. Pegged construction. Turned legs. Square nails. Secondary wood: heart pine. Older refinish. Asking price $2750.
 Nice early handmade walnut pie safe (1800's) fresh from a local estate. Turned front legs, hand dovetailed drawers, and nice hand punched tins. Great craftsmanship. Secondary wood: tulip popular. Older refinish. Asking $1495.
 Closeup of the hand punched pie safe tins. Center shows a pinwheel or "fylfot".
 Nice tall pie safe or cupboard. Great door and drawer arrangement. Pegged. Price $2750.
 Nice early rope bed with trundle. Kentucky origin. Price $1250.
 Another wonderful southern piece from the same house as the pie safe. Two-piece cherry press.
 Close-up of the upper case hand dovetailing.
 Yarn winder. Not normally something to get excited about, but take a look at the close-up in the next picture.
 Beautiful hand workd on the base of the yarn winder which shows the maker's initials and a date of July 1869. Now this makes it special as someone took enough pride in their workmanship to personalize it.
 One of my favorite things from this estate was this early box in its untouched original surface. Not 100% sure of its use although 2 knowledgeable folks feel it was a sugar box. Let me know you feelings about it.
 A few southern jars and jugs from this wonderful estate.
 Fresh out of a Tennessee estate. A nice walnut Jackson press or cupboard. Older refinish.
 Small Heart Pine Corner Cupboard.
 Early 1-drawer heart pine table in original surface. Beautiful 2-board top showing normal wear. Top is pegged to apron. Front board measures over 21" wide and is perfectly flat. Awesome oversized table in my opinion.
 Walnut Blanket Box
 2-Drawer Cherry Stand
 Cherry Server
 Page Co. Virginia Food Safe (Shenandoah Valley)
 Cherry Washington Co. Tennessee Food Safe
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